Jewish and potentially Jewish fabric, online or mail-order

When local shops don't have what I want, I look online. Use search words like 'Jewish' 'Hebrew' 'Star' 'Hanukah' (Channukah, Chanukah, Hannukah, Hannuka, etc.).  Scour 'Holiday' and, yes, Virginia, always peek in the 'Christmas' section, too. Here are some of my favorite sites. (Warning: This section could keep your credit card up way past its bedtime.)
  •  (Formerly 'The Jewish Fabric Store'). Fantastic collection of Judaic-themed fabric, including a matzoh fabric. Phone is, yes, 1-800-Dreidel.
  •  Fancy Delancy Intentionally Jewish fabrics, plus fabrics that might not have started out with Tribal intentions but can be recruited -  like 1890 indigo reproductions (with 6-pointed stars).  . Request a paper catalogue, at, tel. 303/893-6942.
  • Fabric Paradise.  This shop specializes in novelty fabrics of all kinds, including many Judaic fabrics. (Enter the word 'Judaic' or 'Chanukah'  in their search box).
  • Jewish People. That's their name! Really! At 
  • Sunshine Sewing . Jewish-themed fabrics, plus new and GORGEOUS Judaic quilt patterns! (See below.)
  •  Bearpaw Quilting. For people of the (college text) book. I couldn't find any Jewish-themed fabric in their shop, but it does carry more than 30 licensed cotton college prints. (They also have many military, sports, and other novelty prints. Go to
  • Huge selection - great place to find novelty and theme fabrics for every topic under the sun (from Bingo to Zorro), at fine quilt shop prices (plus shipping and handling).
  • Good selection, service and prices.
Fabric Search Engines (for high-powered searching)

Let's say your daughter is into trombone, ballet and volleyball, and you want those themes on her bat mitzvah quilt. Where do you find all that on fabric? If the LQS (local quilt shop) doesn't have it, enter the key words into one of these high-powered engines:
Judaic Machine Embroidery Designs

  •   Stitches by Sue.  Several aleph-bets, and more Stars of David than you can shake a yad at.  She recently added a darling Passover "plagues collection" (Insofar as plagues can be darling.) Sue is a rabbi, so you know she spells things right!
  • Embroidery Arts. A Hebrew aleph-bet intended for monogramming. Download individual letters for a small fee, or buy the entire set. 
  •  Embird. has an aleph-bet on their "alphabets" page,  #25.
  • Auntie M Designs. Click on 'Embroidery Designs,' 'Hebrew Alphabet. '
  •  Cactus Punch. Some two-dozen Judaic machine-embroidery designs. Put 'Jewish' in the search window. Designs can be purchased in a store, or downloaded directly.  Toll free number is 1-800-487-6972.
  •  DesignsSewJewish   At  Stephanie Shaeffer, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, offers several cute Jewish designs--one a fanciful children's aleph-bet, the other - hope you are sitting down - adorns your, uh, kosher wine bottles with, uh,  bibs, dresses, tallitot, vests, skirts, capes, and of course, tutus,  with words like 'Shabbat Shalom' and 'Oy Vey!'  Oy vey!  She also sells patchwork patterns.
  •  AnntheGran. At  Free designs contributed by readers. From the home page, click on 'Judaica.' Then, click 'Chanukah'  for even more.
  •  Buzz Tools. Hobbyists share their original designs at this site, and several are Judaic, plus an aleph bet. Click on 'Free Designs' 'Alphabets and Symbols,' and on 'Free Designs' 'Religious,' at
  • Fancy Delancy  Offers a lovely Hebrew font  which works with Brother (.pes), Babylock (.pes),. Bernina (.pes), Pfaff (.pcs), Viking (.Hus), Elna (.sew) Janome/New Home (.sew), Singer/P.O.E.M. (csd), Tajima (dst), and Melco (.exp). Email them for a picture at, tel. 303 (893)6942,  or write them at 1635 Osceola St., Denver, CO. 
  •  Carol Price This machine embroidery site offers a Hebrew aleph-bet. (Click on 'sets for sale').  
  • Type 'Jewish,' 'Hebrew,' and/or 'Hanukah' in the search window.
  • Apex Embroidery has a Hebrew font here:
  •  Bernina I am told that the Bernina Artista software has a Hebrew alphabet,  and Judaic designs, which can also be transferred to Janome machines.
All Jewish Crafts (fiber, paper, polymer clay, felt, etc.)

Sandra Lynne's Gallery,  Inspirational! Encyclopedic! Awesome!
Chadis Crafts Fun Pages
, Also inspirational, encyclopedic, and awesome!!! More than 50 pages and 1000 links! SO many kid - and senior- friendly craft project ideas, directions, and supplies! This site will blow you away.
 Deeply Felt Studios Felted Judaica from a Canadian fiber artist.

Are you ever possessed by an overwhelming urge to sew zillions of little tiny Jewish things to your quilts? I am.  Here are possible things:  
  • 1-800-Dreidel, at has buttons and charms.
  • Just For The Mitzvah, at, sells star-shaped aleph bet beads. Click on "General" .
  • Judaica for Kids, at You can buy very  large quantities of gold plated dreidels, or aleph bet beads, or mah jong earrings here.
 Note: The Hebrew page of this website lists a few sources for aleph-bet stamps. Here I'm listing sources for other kinds of Jewish themed stamps, for decoration.

Out-of-print book shopping