It's easier than you might think to sew gorgeous, meaningful, and/or heirloom fabric into unique Jewish prayer caps that will be treasured - not just for one simcha (happy occasion), but for a lifetime. Learn how in this fully-illustrated 80 page book of kippah sewing patterns and directions.
A kippah sewn this way is a meaingful gift, especially for a b'nai mitzvah, Chanukah, a wedding, a baby naming, or just for a  more beautiful and colorful Shabbat.

 Chapters include:
PLUS Three different binding options (for beginning through confident sewers); How to add a buttons, beads; how to make your own binding, and much more!

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by quilter Ann Feitelson

I ordered Cathy Perlmutter's book, The Uncommon Yarmulke, the other day and have to tell you what a fun, funny, useful, unusual, seductive and even
potentially revolutionary thing it is!

I myself have never worn a yarmulke but I now see no reason not to make one and wear it. In fact, I'm planning on it!

Cathy has put her brilliance and sense of humor and care for the
reader/sewer's success into a delightful volume, available either as a download or a softcover. She's taken fun quilting concepts--kaleidoscopes, embellishment, meaningful motifs on fun fabrics--and brought them to yarmulkes, which become mini domed quilts that would make you or anyone you gave one to very happy.

The book is just plain fun to read and savor. I showed it to my husband and he was immediately giggling and saying, "this is really great!"

So, really, everyone who ... has been united by Cathy's vision of a Jewish fiber community, should check this out. There is information on ordering at the judaiquilt website.

Quilter Roslyn S. writes:
My book is here and it is lovely. The colors are breathtaking!

It is well organized, well researched  and has something for EVERYONE and every taste.

It should be in every Shul and Sunday School library.

Cathy, you did a GREAT JOB!!

Kol Hacavod!!

Quilter Rivi S. writes:
This is a MUST  HAVE book whether you already create your own yarmulkes or don't even wear one.