As a bread cover or wall hanging, this 18" x 18" quilt will help create a Sabbbath mood in your log cabin! (or condo, apartment, house, loft, etc.)
  • Simple, fun  'log cabin' piecing
  • Beginner-friendly; Learn piecing, applique and quilting basics 
  • Clear step-by-step  directions. Thirty-one pages, with more than 70 illustrations!
  • Easy machine applique with fusible web and interfacing.
  • Quilt and raw-edge applique at the same time.
  •  Piece on any  zig-zag sewing machine. (Hand piecing  of the challah and the flowers is NOT recommended). Quilt by hand or machine.
  • Simple pillowcase finish (no binding necessary).
  • Full-size templates included. Just print them out.
  • Makes a  unique and treasured  gift for a wedding, anniversary,  bar/bat mitzvah, housewarming, etc.
Log Cabin Challah Cover Pattern

- Medium Gold: ¼ yard (9" x 40"),  or a fat quarter (18" x 22"), for the challot,  stars, and flower tips.
- Dark Purple:An 11" x 11" square, for the area behind the challot. (A  fat quarter is more than enough).  
- Red: 1/8-¼ yard, or a fat quarter, for the first border.
- Medium/ DuskyPurple:¼ yard or a fat-quarter,  for the second border.
-  Medium/Dusky Blue: ¼ yard or fat-quarter for the third border.   
- Orange: An 8" x 8" square for the inner wavy lines.
 - Sky Blue: ¼ yard for the outer border. (I also suggest this fabric for the backing - to do that, start with ¾ yard.)
- Yellow: A  3" x 3" square, for the four candle flames. 
- Lavender: An 8" x 8" square, for the outer wavy lines.
- Rose/Pink: 1/8 yard (or a 21"x 2 ½" strip, or a fat quarter)  for the flowers. 
- Dark Green:  ¼ yard or a fat quarter for the leaves. The shade should  contrast strongly against the medium blues and purples.
- Backing fabric, ¾ yard or a 21" square. (I suggest using the same sky blue as in the final border.)

For Piecing:
- Gold all-purpose cotton or cotton-poly thread that matches the challah fabric color.
- Medium grey cotton or cotton poly thread for  piecing borders.
For Applique/Quilting:
Choose from
- Decorative rayon threads, in light gold, dark purple, orange, dark green and lavender, in shades close to those fabrics, and/or
- Clear/ invisible monofilament thread and/or .
- Gold metallic thread, and/or 
-  Sulky opalescent sliver metallic (#145-8040).
- Blue thread that matches the outermost border for topstitching.
For Embellishment:
 - Strong beading thread (only if you will add seed beads to the challot.)

- Zig-zag sewing machine and iron are required.  A rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and cutting mat will  make this project easier, but scissors work, too
 -Low-loft batting, ½ yard (22" square minimum). Recommended: Warm'n'Natural® 100% cotton 'craft size' (34"x45")
- Fusible interfacing, ½ yard white light-to medium-weight, such as Pellon ®
- Paper-backed fusible web, ½ yard  light to medium-weight (for the lettering)
- Fresh glue stick, for fabric or paper, marked "Washable"
- Temporary fabric markers, such as the blue washout fabric marker, or a sharpened chalk pencil
- Hand-sewing needle
- Pins, both safety pins and straight pins
- Clean scrap paper, or an applique pressing sheet, or parchment paper 
- Scissors: Sharp small scissors  and paper scissors are required. (Large fabric scissors are necessary if you don't have a rotary cutter.)
- Beads which look like seeds, raisins, or something else that might be found in challah! (See p. 27)
- Beading needle, if tiny beads are used
- Spray starch
- Iron cleaner in case of fusible accidents!
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